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a near complete discography, in near chronological order.

six six six
SongADay Six
happy new year!
week four
week four
more beat making experiments
critique of pure music
a critique of pure music
Summer 2012 beat making experiments
superhero concept EP - Spring 2012
SongADay Five & Five.One
songs from SongADay Five - Spring 2011
SongADay Four
songs from SongADay four! 12/9/9
kelly penumbra building
the kelly penumbra building
songs from the Willis house.
cloud or lion
cloud or lion? EP
instrumentals, mostly.
an ongoing effort.
circa Radbounce
circa radbounce
historical curiosities, odds and sods.
SongADay Three
a small collection from 1/08.
October Mountain
the October Mountain EP
short album done just before SongADay 3.
Eleventh Hole
the Eleventh Hole
concept album after SongADay 2.
OneADay 2
SongADay Two
a few old songs, from 12/06 to 1/07.
animal teeth
animal teeth
what happened after SongADay One.
OneADay 1
SongADay One
a bunch of old songs, from 11/05 to 3/06.

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